Unique Colorful Creations from the Bill Levkoff Collection

Are you one of those wonderfully unique individuals who have never imagined yourself in an extravagant pure white bridal gown? You probably crave romance and individuality. Your love story is special and unique to you, and you want the elements of your wedding day to be just as special. Choosing a colored wedding gown is a chic option to be different and fashionable on your big day. In fact, style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, wore a black wedding dress for her wedding! Bill Levkoff black wedding dress

Embrace your creative side with a Bill Levkoff black wedding dress.

The gorgeous Bill Levkoff gowns we’re featuring today are not traditional wedding dresses; they are actually labeled as bridesmaid dresses. I think it is impressive when brides step outside of the box and consider gowns not necessarily just for a bride.  I myself wore a short party dress as my bridal gown, and absolutely loved it! Your wedding day is a time to come together as a couple and celebrate your individual love story. Why not express your unique romance through your fashion choices?

Trust the Bill Levkoff Collection for your black wedding dress!

There are many different necklines, fabrics, and silhouettes provided in this wonderful designer line. Although there are tons of different styles, the one thing you can count on to be consistent is the amazing quality. Don’t forget the many choices you have for a colored wedding gown! While black, blush, and champagne are classy and popular, what you choose is entirely up to you.

Shop for the perfect romantic colored wedding gown today!

When you visit the Wedding Shoppe to find your unique bridal gown, you will be delighted with the high standards of customer service, as well as the selection of exclusive dresses. There are tons of great dresses for you to try in our most current collection, so don’t waste any more time--stop by to see us today! Or start your shopping online now!>>

Would you wear a colored dress on your wedding day? Better yet, did you? Let us know in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:27

I love Bill Levkoff, so many great options for bridesmaids dresses!

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