Featured Bride, Nikki S.: 11 Days to Go!

Featured Bride, Nikki S. | Wedding Location: Minnetonka, MN | Wedding Date: April 9, 2011

11 days to go!

Well, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t reached my breaking point.  Going into wedding planning, I thought that my carefree personality would keep this wedding from getting the best of me.  This thought was incorrect and foolish.  I was never the girl who had her wedding planned out as a teenager, and because of this I was left with more decisions than I knew what to do with. Planning the wedding was really stressful at first, and the big decisions left me drowning with options.  After those were all made, I hit a lull, and have been stuck there until now.  Now I sit, 11 days away from my wedding, and I can't sleep.  I have so many little tasks to do, and although I know they will get done, I can’t seem to get them out of my mind.  Do all brides go through this?  How do we just forget about these things and RELAX?

Clinging to what matters.

I have also thought a lot about the life changes that are right around the corner.  More than just a day, this wedding is a marriage that is for life.  It’s overwhelming when you start to think of the repercussions of living with just one person- and a boy at that!  The thing that is saving me right now is knowing that this person was wonderfully created by God, for my joy and I for His.  Through good and bad, Reid is committed to loving me and providing for me, and I to respecting him.  We are an example of the Gospel to one another, and he is a blessing in so many ways that I have yet to even discover.  You can lose sight of all that in the midst of details and direction. So this is one bride, saying to many others that may feel this way: cling to what matters.  I’m fighting for that right now.  And I'm excited to see how all of this planning finally comes together.


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