Choosing the Wedding Tuxedos {Featured Bride, Alli F.}

Featured Bride Alli F., Wedding Location: St. Paul, MN  |  Wedding Date: June 12, 2010 Read how Alli and Pete found the perfect wedding tuxedo for their special day. And see where they're at with only a month until the big day. The soon to be bride has some advice for you, too!

Choosing the wedding tuxedos.

My husband-to-be had one request as he walked into the Wedding Shoppe….”I want to have a pocket square!” We weren’t sure what to expect during the tux appointment but we quickly discovered this was much easier than we anticipated. The Wedding Shoppe had a lot of great tuxes to choose from, and they had even picked a wedding tuxedo they thought we would really like. I wanted Pete to pick the tux he would feel the best in…I was just there to steer him clear of the camouflage and bright green! He chose a stunning black tuxedo with textured stripes running through it. Next we looked at the different vests, picked out the ties and of course the pocket squares! Overall, it was a completely stress free and the men will look dashing in their black tuxedo ensembles!

One month of wedding planning to go…

The comment I have been hearing over and over is “Wow, you are so calm!” Which of course makes me worry that I have completely forgotten something crucial during the ten months of planning. Truthfully, I can credit my tranquil manner to my amazing fiancé, Pete. He has been an incredible help and sharing the wedding planning task has proven once again what an amazing team we make. We also had a wonderful network of friends we tapped into for advice about many aspects of the day. We like to think we will have a “best of” wedding. If I was to offer any advice from my experience it would be pace yourself with lists of things to do and remember to stop and have fun along the way.

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