How to Dress for Your Body Type, Week Four: The Pear

How to Dress for Your Body Type, Week Four: The Pear
It’s our last week of the How to Dress for Your Body Type series. (Make sure you check out the past weeks: Determine your body shape, The Banana, The Hourglass, The Apple.) This week we’ll be talking about the best dress type for pear shape women. I saved this one for last because I’m most familiar with it, considering my hips are large and in charge of my narrow shoulders. If you’re a pear like me, you have narrow shoulders, a defined waist, and wide hips. This is a hard body shape to dress at times because your top and bottom are two very different sizes. I’ve found some great After Six dresses that are the best style of dress for pear shaped women.

Best style of dress for pear shape

The best dress type for pear shape women: The easy A.

If you’ve read our past posts in this series you’ll notice we mention A-line gowns for every body type. They are the most universally flattering dress style for every shape, but especially for a pear shape. When thinking about how to choose a wedding dress, an A-line gown will hug the smallest part of you while helping to disguise and complement the largest. When learning how to dress for your body type, the most important rule to remember is to highlight your best parts and downplay the parts you dislike. I’m not a huge fan of how defined my waist is so you will often find me in dresses that hit just above my waist in order to balance my hips out a little bit. An A-line gown does this perfectly. (I’ll let you in on a secret… every dress or gown I own is an A-line. I’m a little obsessed.)

How to choose a wedding dress from After Six dresses.

Like any other body shape, it is incredibly important you try on a bunch of different dresses in order to really find the bridal gown you are most confident in. The best style of dress for pear shape women is usually an A-line with subtle details. After Six 1027 After Six 1030 Two of my favorites are After Six dresses. I love the one on the left because of its unique chiffon knot and sleek waistband. Although, if you’re looking for something fun and different, After Six bridal gown 1030 is the sweetest tea-length gown I’ve ever seen. The gentle texture, waist-smoothing waistband, and pockets (!!!) are swoon-worthy. Even though we say the best style of dress for pear shape women is an A-line, depending on your proportions you might be an absolute bombshell in a drop waist or empire waist gown. The most important thing to remember is to be confident! The man you’re marrying is more in love with you than you can grasp, and everyone at your wedding is there to support you on your new journey. No matter what you’re wearing, your blissful happiness will be contagious and you will look like the gorgeous bride you’ve always dreamed about being. I just know it! If you’ve missed some of our How to Dress for Your Body Type series, check out these posts. Introduction: I’m what kind of fruit? Week One: The Banana Week Two: The Hourglass Week Three: The Apple Week Four: The Pear

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