How to Dress for Your Body Type and Find Your Dream Dress!

I’m a pear. I’m an apple. I’m a banana. Yay! Wait, huh? You’ve been told your body resembles a shape of fruit… now what? Maybe you’ve searched “How to dress your body type” and found that there are a million opinions, especially when it comes to finding the best wedding dresses for your body type. You’re never going to know exactly what makes your body look best until you’re actually IN a wedding dress, but there are few simple principles that can steer you in the right direction.

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How to dress your body type: My body is a what?

According to John Mayer, your body is a wonderland, but that's a whole different post. There are four general body shapes that are used most often: apple, pear, banana, and hourglass.

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Banana: You have a straight build with less waist definition (also known as athletic or rectangle shaped). Hourglass: You’re all that and a bag of chips! You have equal weight in your bust and hips with a very defined waist (think Jessica Rabbit). Apple: You have thin hips and legs with a wider chest and torso (also known as barrel shaped). Pear: Your hips are wider than your shoulders. You have a great, defined waist. I personally identify with being a pear. Not only is it a delicious fruit, but it is also how my body is shaped; I have a smaller top and a plentiful bottom. Once you know how to define how you’re shaped, it will be easier to figure out how to dress your body type and find the best wedding dresses for your body type.

How to dress for your body type: What flatters me?

We all have things we love and things we despise about our bodies. To quote Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, “We hide our flaws, until after the wedding.” I want you to allow the best parts of you to shine for your big day. In the next few weeks I’ll be talking about each body type specifically and how to pick the best wedding dresses for your body type. If you stick with me, I guarantee that you will feel confident, sexy, glamorous, and above all else, comfortable in your skin (and your dress) on your big day. Seriously, come back next Monday. I'll be talking about what to wear if you're a banana. It's more than just a tasty fruit to eat with cereal! See you next Monday.   Check out all of the posts in this series! Introduction: I’m what kind of fruit? Week One: The Banana Week Two: The Hourglass Week Three: The Apple Week Four: The Pear

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