Pop the Cork with Champagne Colored Bridesmaid Dresses by Bari Jay!

Pop the Cork with Champagne Colored Bridesmaid Dresses by Bari Jay!
What comes first: the bridesmaid dress or your wedding color? With Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses you won’t have to decide. Bari Jay dresses come in a large variety of colors and materials. They even come in the very popular champagne and salmon colors. We’ve got some favorite styles here at the Shoppe! Want to see?

Champagne bridesmaid dresses

The Wedding Shoppe – Your place for champagne colored bridesmaid dresses.

According to traditional wedding etiquette, no one should ever wear white or ivory except the bride. However, we’ve recently seen a lot of beautiful weddings that have dressed their bridesmaids in almost white, champagne colored bridesmaid dresses. If you’re searching for a champagne color in Bari Jay dresses, you’ll want to start by looking at Beige. Bari Jay bridesmaid styles in Beige are elegant whether you choose chiffon, silk, or taffeta fabrics. Bari Jay bridesmaid dress 553 is one of our favorites here at the Shoppe. Can you just imagine some striking red flowers held against that dress? Perfect. Check out all of our amazing colors and styles of bridesmaid dresses!>>
Champagne bridesmaid dresses salmon colored bridesmaid dresses

Be daring! Choose salmon colored bridesmaid dresses.

Maybe you were hoping for a bolder color to spice up your wedding day. That’s awesome! We are smitten with Bari Jay salmon colored bridesmaid dresses. The color is exquisite against most skin tones, hair colors, and body types. You will also love how easy it is to match flowers too! Coral or salmon are complemented beautifully by minty greens and buttery yellows.

Coral colored bridesmaid dress

The great thing about salmon colored bridesmaid dresses is that there are many different shades of salmon to choose from. It’s actually one of those colors that is often up to the wearer’s interpretation; when we asked around the Shoppe what color people thought salmon was, we got a full color spectrum from light pink to deep coral!

Bari Jay dresses: Exactly what you have been looking for.

There are so many fun and elegant bridesmaid dresses from Bari Jay! You have to take a look at them all as you are on your quest to find the perfect dresses for your girls. If you do decide on Bari Jay dresses for your big day, share your picture with us on Facebook!

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