How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses that your Ladies will Love (and Wear Again!)

Your wedding day is really all about You & Your Groom, & the love that you share.

Surrounding yourself with happy people, like your bridesmaids, will make your day that much better.  By learning how to choose bridesmaid dresses that your girls will love, you’ll be one step closer to immunity from the dreaded Bridezilla Syndrome.

Tips on choosing bridesmaid dresses that will keep everyone happy:

1) Keep your bridesmaids' happiness in-mind on your wedding day.

Even though it's your wedding day, happy bridesmaids will help you enjoy the big day even more!.

Forcing your gal pals to wear bridesmaid dresses that they really don't like, or won't ever wear again, may cause conflicts.  Just remember: if you pick bridesmaid dresses that they feel beautiful wearing, your girls are more likely to be happy on your wedding day and share in (and add to) your joy.

2) Talk to your bridesmaids about their preferred bridesmaid dress styles.

Find out which styles of bridesmaid dresses flatter your friends' bodies... and which styles don’t work at all.

Do your girls prefer short bridesmaid dresses, or long bridesmaid dresses?  Also, check into the budget that each girl is able to spend on her bridesmaid dress.  There are many options for affordable bridesmaid dresses that are cute and stylish.  Remind your 'maids that you will do your best to choose bridesmaid dresses that they like, but that, since it is your wedding day – you do have final say.  E-mail is a great way to communicate with all of your bridesmaids at once, making sure you say everything that needs to be said, in the right tone.

3) Be realistic.

After you talk to your bridesmaids, take into consideration what their wants and needs are for their dresses.  If a bridesmaid dress you like isn’t actually figure flattering, don’t try to convince your girls that it is.  Remember to choose bridesmaid dresses that you will be happy with seeing in photographs for years to come.

4) Pick re-wearable bridesmaid dresses.

Your bridesmaids will be happy to invest in stylish bridesmaid dresses that they can re-wear for a future event.  Many girls love short bridesmaid dresses and chiffon bridesmaid dresses because they are so chic and stylish.  Your girls won’t be upset with stylish bridesmaid dresses because it gives them a reason to buy a cute dress.

5) Start with a bridesmaid dress color & spice it up with details.

If your girls all have completely different body types, and agreeing on a style of bridesmaids dresses seems impossible, let them switch it up.  Choose a designer and a color that you prefer, and let your bridesmaids pick between a few stylish bridesmaid dresses that satisfy their own body types and reflect their own personal style. Coordinate aspects like fabric type and similar embellishments and spice it up with different hemlines and necklines.  An easy way to do this is by saying:

“To easily choose bridesmaid dresses that coordinate well with all of you girls, I’m leaving it up to you to pick your own stylish bridesmaid dresses yourself.  My requirements are that you chose from this list of Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaid dresses in the Strawberry color.  You can choose from any of these chiffon bridesmaid dresses.  Let me know which bridesmaid dress is your favorite.  I want you to love your bridesmaids dresses as much as I love my bridal gown.  Please remember that I do have final say on all orders.”

6) Bring on the bling with bridesmaid accessories.

Let your bridesmaids show off unique personalities with their choice of bridesmaid accessories.  Set a theme, whether it’s playful, classical, or traditional, and your girls can pick bridesmaid accessories that match their personality.

7) Offer to help pay for the bridesmaid dresses.

If any of your bridesmaids have serious budget issues, help defray the costs by pitching in.  This is an especially useful tactic if you’re dead set on not-so affordable bridesmaid dresses.

8) Bring one or two of the girls to the bridesmaid appointment.

Choose a bridesmaid with the most similar body style to the rest of the girls and choose the bridesmaid with the most different.  These two girls should help model what styles and colors look best.  You can then show the rest of your bridesmaids which styles are your favorite online.

If you follow these tips on how to choose bridesmaid dresses you are sure to pick something darling.  Don’t let your bridesmaids stress you out, keep them happy and you’ll be happy you did!

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Congratulations on your engagement!  I hope to help make your wedding planning as simple as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please leave us a comment below and let us know!

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