3 Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Every Bride Should Know {Featured Bride, Sammi F.}

My whole life, I have been extremely excited to one day pick out everything for my wedding.  Well, that day has come and I have quickly realized it was not what I was expecting! There are so many choices to be made, planning can seem never-ending. I decided to first focus on picking my bridesmaid dresses.  I knew I wanted to get them from the Wedding Shoppe, as I had always had luck finding gorgeous prom dresses there.

Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses

You should always prepare ahead of time for bridesmaid dress shopping.

I went into the Wedding Shoppe and was quickly overcome with all the choices.  There are multiple rooms just filled with dresses in all different styles, colors, and lengths.  I had not made an appointment, so I just spent time looking through all of the gowns.  The day was overwhelming and frustrating. I realized it is important to make an appointment for bridesmaid dress shopping. It is also a good idea to do your research before going, so you have some bridal party ideas to work from.

Tell your personal shopper your bridal party ideas and get her advice.

I went to the Wedding Shoppe a second time a couple weeks later, this time much more prepared.  I set up an appointment, brought a couple of my bridesmaids, and researched bridal party ideas before I went in.  When I got there, I was assigned a personal shopper whom I told what dresses I liked, from length, to style, to color, etc.  She then grabbed dresses that fit my liking for my bridesmaids to try on.  Bridesmaid dress shopping was a much easier process than I had thought it would be after my first visit!

We chose beautiful Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses.

As my girls tried on dresses, we ruled out ones that we didn’t like. Then they each tried on the ones we did like to get a better idea of the individual fit.  Finally, after a couple of hours of trying on dresses, we found the one! We decided to go with Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses, style 313. We all love it and are very excited.  The Wedding Shoppe staff was extremely helpful and made the bridesmaid dress shopping process easy and fun!

Be sure to take advantage of an appointment, gather bridal party ideas ahead of time, and ask your personal shopper’s advice when you go bridesmaid dress shopping for the first time!

How was your experience the first time you went bridesmaid dress shopping? Do you have any more advice on shopping for your wedding party dresses? Let us know in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:28

When my sister-in-law got married, she asked her sister and me to help her pick out the dresses. It was not only meaningful, but a lot easier with only three opinions in the mix!

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