3. Something Blue Wedding Hair Accessories

A popular and simple way to incorporate ‘something blue’ into your bridal attire is by wearing blue wedding hair accessories. There are many different directions you could go with this, from finding blue hair pieces, to dyeing your favorite item blue, to subtly adding blue stitching or ribbon to a headpiece.

Wear a blue ribbon or lace trim veil.

When considering wedding hair accessories, the first item that comes to mind is the veil. Probably the most popular bridal headpiece, a ribbon or lace trim veil is a beautiful option for adding something blue to your wedding. Luckily for you, here at the Wedding Shoppe we have a custom bridal veil designer! Michelle Gagnon, owner of Angel's Halo, will work with you to create the custom wedding veil of your dreams using just about any materials you prefer. A custom-made blue ribbon or lace trim veil would not only accomplish your something blue, but also make your day that much more special knowing your veil is one-of-a-kind! This beautiful bride is wearing one of Michelle’s gorgeous custom-made veils:

 Photo by Jenna Leigh

Wear blue flower hair accessories.

Another popular headpiece decoration, whether you wear a veil or not, is a flower (or flowers). This is an easy way to incorporate blue in your wedding by simply wearing a blue flower in your hair! You can have your hairdresser weave or pin flowers matching your bouquet into your hair or purchase faux flower hair accessories.

flower hair accessories

Sara Gabriel Bridesmaid Accessories Nadia Clip

Wear other blue wedding hair accessories.

Other popular wedding hair pieces are the tiara and hair pins. If you don’t want to wear blue in your veil or blue flowers, you could wear blue gemstones in your tiara or use blue hair pins. Hopefully these ideas for blue bridal headpieces were helpful! If you prefer to keep your headpiece more traditional or use a different color, be sure to check out our other blog posts for more something blue ideas!

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