5. Blue Flowers or Wedding Centerpieces as Your Something Blue

An easy option for ‘something blue’ is to include blue flowers in your bouquet, have your bouquet decorated with blue, or garnish your flower girl basket with blue! If you’re using something other than flowers for your table centerpieces, this is another place you could tuck away some blue.

blue flowers or bouquet jewelry

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Go with blue flowers or bouquet jewelry.

Whether or not blue is in your chosen color scheme, using blue flowers in your bouquet is a beautiful, meaningful, and simple method of incorporating something blue into your wedding. Often described as calming, blue flowers in your bouquet might be just what you need to calm your nerves before you walk down the aisle. Consider large blue flowers such as roses, tulips, or hydrangeas to compose a bouquet, and smaller blue flowers like forget-me-nots, asters, and delphiniums for just adding a hint of blue. If you’d rather use flowers that aren’t blue, you also have the option of wrapping blue ribbon around the bouquet stem or adding a blue brooch or other bouquet jewelry.

Decorate a blue flower girl basket.

Flower girl baskets are often forgotten when it comes to adding personality to your wedding. Whether you have a wicker, wood, or fabric basket for your favorite little girl, it’s easy to add a blue ribbon or lace trim, use blue flower petals, or attach other blue decorations. Imagine how special your flower girl will feel when you explain she’s also in charge of your lucky something blue!

Add blue to your wedding centerpieces.

If you don’t want to have blue wedding flowers, and aren’t using flowers as table decoration, consider adding something blue to your wedding centerpieces. Some options to consider are blue candles, blue vases, or blue stones scattered around your centerpiece. You could even have blue crayons to keep the little ones entertained! We hope you liked these suggestions for including something blue in your wedding! If you’re still searching for the perfect method, consider our other something blue ideas.

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