4. Something Blue Bridal Party Accessories

It’s easy to add blue to just about any bridal party accessory you choose for your wedding, especially if you’re not picky about your color scheme. As a bonus, you could even use matching blue wedding accessories as gifts for your bridesmaids! The sky is really the limit when it comes to your accessories, so a good place to start is to determine what accessories you’ll be wearing or using the whole night, and what, if any, you want just for pictures or emergencies. Consider keeping an emergency blue wedding shawl, like this Dessy Pashmina Shawl, for a potentially chilly outdoor wedding:

bridal party accessories

Carry blue bridal purses.

Possibly the most essential of bridal party accessories are bridal purses. These are necessary for holding emergency items, such as Band-Aids and Tylenol, as well as personal items like your cell phone and wallet. Since the bridal party doesn’t typically hold their purses during photographs, blue bridal purses can be an easy (and practical!) way to include something blue in your wedding. It might even become a staple of your wardrobe!

Gift blue wedding jewelry sets.

Depending on your specific bridal gown and preferences, you might decide to wear jewelry on your wedding day. Wedding jewelry sets are specially designed to complement wedding dresses and also make perfect gifts for bridesmaids. If blue fits in your color scheme, blue wedding jewelry sets might be just the solution for both incorporating something blue and showing your appreciation to your attendants!

Have other blue bridal party accessories.

There are many other wedding accessories you could choose to incorporate in your wedding. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider some sort of shawl, scarf, or even hat and mittens to keep toasty. Another good idea for an outdoor wedding is to be prepared with umbrellas in case of rain. Even if it doesn’t rain, think of the adorable photo opportunity you have!

Hopefully these ideas for blue bridal party accessories were helpful! If you’re still not sure how to incorporate something blue in your wedding, be sure to check out our other blog posts for different ideas!

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