Best Wedding Favors: Wedding Favor Ideas for a Lasting Impression.

The best wedding favors!

One of the best and most creative ways to leave a lasting impression on your wedding day is to provide your guests with wedding favors.  Forget traditional--have fun with your wedding favors!

Edible Wedding Favors: Midnight snacks.

After a night of groovin’ on the dance floor, serve your guests a small appetizer snack.  Mini cheeseburgers or mini pizzas for each guest make for delicious wedding favor ideas.  Plus, after a few drinks and a lot of dancing, who isn’t hungry again?

Creative Wedding Favors:  Picture perfect photo shoots.

For guests of all ages, have a photo booth on site.  Personalized wedding favors like photo booth pictures will certainly be memorable for you and your guests.  Have your guests keep one strip of their photo booth pictures and add another strip to an album for the newlyweds.  There’s no doubt that photo booth pictures make one of the best wedding favors.

Unique Wedding Favors:  Ready, rain or shine.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception, these creative wedding favors could save the day.  Provide your guests with stylish sunglasses for a day full of rays, cute umbrellas incase of rain, and elegant shawls if there is a breeze.  These can be personalized wedding favors, or not, depending on your vision.  Your wedding guests will love these wedding favors.  Sunglasses, umbrellas and shawls are also perfect for beach wedding favors.

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Personalized Wedding Favors: Family favorites.

One of the most useful wedding favors a guest could ask for is a family recipe book.  Before the wedding, collect family recipes from both the bride’s and groom’s families (and friends!). During the wedding reception, hand out the wedding favors to each guest as a token of appreciation.  A family recipe book makes for wonderful personalized wedding favors.

Flower Wedding Favors: Farewell flowers.

While the wedding reception is underway, have the ushers or vehicle attendants place a flower with a personalized note under the wind shield of each guest’s vehicle.  Have transportation for your guests?  Hand them their flower wedding favors when leaving the wedding reception.  Your guests will feel so adored and will love their personalized wedding favors.  Flower wedding favors really are one of the best wedding favors ever.

Charitable Wedding Favors:  Personalized donations.

Charitable wedding favors are a great way to give back through your wedding.  Upon leaving the wedding reception, hand each party a personalized wedding favor that lets your guests know you donated an amount of money in their name to a certain charitable foundation.  Pick a charitable foundation that is also important to your guests. Click here to read about Brittney Bell’s recommendations for other charitable wedding favors!

Edible Wedding Favors: Something sweet.

Another wedding favor idea is to leave each of your guests with mini cupcake wedding favors that resemble your wedding cake.  Edible wedding favors are typically loved by everyone.  Who wouldn’t love a cupcake wedding favor?

Wedding Wine Favors: Mini wine bottles.

Here’s some excellent wedding favor ideas.  Give each of your 21+ guests a mini bottle of the wine served at the wedding and customize the label on the bottle.  Wedding wine favors make perfect personalized wedding favors.  Keep your wedding celebration going even after your wedding day! We hope these wedding favor ideas work for you!  Whether your style includes personalized wedding favors, beach wedding favors, wedding wine favors, edible wedding favors, flower wedding favors or cupcake wedding favors, choosing something that symbolizes your wedding day and keeps your guests in mind, you’ll have some of the best wedding favors ever. Congratulations on your engagement!  I hope to make your wedding planning as simple as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns for us expert wedding bloggers, please comment and let us know! ~Laura Lou Here are a few other blog posts you’ll find useful: How to Give Charitable Wedding Favors Thank You Cards: Rules of Thumb for Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette How to Customize Your Bridesmaid Dresses with Me Too! Your Engagement Party Guide: Wedding Planning Made Simple The Wedding Rehearsal and the Rehearsal Dinner Wedding Dress Shopping: Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress Want more?  Like Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Facebook and Follow Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Twitter. My Wedding Chat and Wedding Shoppe Inc. expert wedding bloggers are here to guide you throughout your entire wedding planning experience.

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