Beautiful Backyard Weddings: Brian & Jessy

Rain or shine, this couple’s love radiated throughout the whole night.

Brian and Jessy's beautiful backyard wedding.

Brian and Jessy both grew up in Bismarck, ND.  Brian has a love for outdoors while Jessy stems from a family of interior designers.  They say opposites attract….and in 2007 this couple started dating.  A short three years later, Brian and Jessy wed in a beautiful church and held a backyard wedding reception at the bride’s parents' home.

My Wedding Chat will take you through Brian and Jessy’s special night while offering backyard wedding tips, backyard wedding photos, and ideas for backyard wedding decorations.

Brian and Jessy had a beautiful backyard wedding.  The yard was perfectly maintained with flower gardens and tall trees hanging overhead.  Guests began to arrive shortly after the wedding ceremony and were greeted with drinks and small appetizers.

Backyard Wedding Tip: Food.

Have simple appetizers and snacks for your guests to enjoy when they arrive at your outdoor wedding reception.  Place all of the food under a large tent so you are prepared if it starts to rain.

The wedding party made their grand entrance and Brian and Jessy were announced to the crowd.  A chicken and rice dinner was served and the bridal party was placed at their beautifully decorated head table.

Backyard Wedding Tip: Decorations.

When choosing your backyard wedding decorations, you don’t need to spend a lot to have an elegant look.  Affordable lights hung from the tent, while the table was decorated with gold (hard plastic!) plates and DIY wedding decorations.  Nonetheless, the entire look was absolutely stunning.

As dark clouds neared, a sudden downpour put a hault to this beautiful backyard wedding.  It rained…..and it continued to rain throughout the entire night.  But bride Jessy didn’t frown once and neither did the guests.  While most family and friends socialized under big tents, more and more guests ventured out to enjoy the rain.  Groomsmen, bridesmaids, the groom himself, and other family and friends enjoyed the rain and playfully danced with the young children.

Backyard Wedding Tip: Back up plans.

Always be ready for mother nature to turn on you.  When planning a backyard wedding, have a number of back up plans.  What happens if it starts to rain at your backyard wedding after the reception is well underway?  It is so important to have tents on site for shelter and a nearby place to continue the reception.

It continued to rain throughout the night, so Jessy’s parents opened up their garage.  The band played a variety of country music and Brian and Jessy had their first dance to their favorite Michael Bublé song.  Regardless of the rain, this couple’s love was obvious.  They smiled throughout the entire night and proved that being surrounded by loved ones is the most important thing on a wedding day.

Backyard Wedding Tip: Have fun!

Don’t sweat the small things, or big things ( if it storms).  Have a back up shelter near the outdoor reception site that the party can easily transition to.  And always remember, an outdoor wedding reception shouldn’t be ruined by the weather.  Enjoy the love that surrounds you and the new life that is being celebrated.

Congratulations, Brian & Jessy, on your new life together.

~Laura Lou

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Linda Stumpf
May 16, 2019 06:41

Beautiful…despite the rain, everyone seemed to have a blast! Beautiful pics!!

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