Our Favorite Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses from After Six

If your bridesmaids had one unspoken request of you, it would be to find affordable bridesmaid dresses. This is not necessarily an easy thing. Aside from having everyone buy the same dress from a major retailer, bridesmaid dresses tend to run a little steep. That’s not even mentioning trying to find cute plus size bridesmaid dresses. After Six dresses are here to offer some classy options and make your dream of affordable bridesmaid dresses and plus size bridesmaid dresses come true.

Affordable bridesmaid dresses by after six

After Six dresses come in every style and color.

Aside from being affordable, After Six dresses come in some of the most flattering styles with a wide variety of color and fabric options. From earthy brown tones to bright magentas, you’ll be able to find the right affordable bridesmaid dresses easily. In fact, if you’ve attended a lot of weddings in the last few years, you’ve probably seen a few After Six dresses! There are two heavily sought after affordable bridesmaid dresses from After Six. Check out our other adorable and affordable gowns at the Wedding Shoppe!>>

 Simple and customizable: After Six bridesmaids 6506.

With over 80 colors to choose from, the After Six bridesmaids 6506 style is a customizable dream! Looking for peach and teal dresses? After Six bridesmaids 6506 is your dress! Wishing each bridesmaid had a different colored element? Search no more! It’s also very affordable and easy to order online at WeddingShoppeInc.com. Plus size bridesmaid dresses in this style are also available.

Affordable plus size bridesmaid dresses

After Six bridesmaids 6521: Hello, flattering!

What makes this dress one of our most flattering for bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes? After Six bridesmaids 6521 features a flowing chiffon skirt, a ruched bodice, and supportive straps. If you are looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses, this is your winner! Just like 6506, this dress is also available in over 80 colors. From pale rose to jet black, After Six bridesmaid 6521 can be customized in the exact color you desire for your big day!

Affordable bridesmaid dresses

Take a look at our entire collection from After Six. You’ll find the perfect affordable bridesmaid dresses to complement the most exciting day of your life!

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