Bridal Advice: Starting Your Life Together {Featured Bride, Jessi M.}

Featured Bride Jessi M., Wedding Location: Wolf Lake, MN  |  Wedding Date: August 7, 2010 From the time we are little girls, we begin planning our wedding day.  Then, one day the man of your dreams proposes, and you begin to plan the real thing.  From picking a wedding dress to deciding on favors, there are thousands of decisions to be made, big and small.  You want the day to be perfect, better than you had ever imagined.  But while you are caught up thinking about the wedding day, life intervenes, causing you to take a step back and realize the ceremony and reception are a tiny part of what you are really planning.

Bridal Advice: Starting your life together.

Ok, for a little background. For the last year, I’ve been living in Minneapolis, while Sean lives in Bismarck, N.D. After having no luck finding a job in the Twin Cities after his clerkship ends on July 31st, we turned our sights towards Fargo, N.D.  Luckily, we both found jobs there beginning in late August. Not so luckily, our ideas about where to live couldn’t have been more opposite. We both wanted to buy our first house. But he likes old, I like new. He wants to be able to walk everywhere, I thought we invented cars specifically to avoid ever having to walk again. Well, maybe not to avoid ever walking again, but definitely to remove “walking distance” from a major consideration when buying a house

So what did we do? Looked at dozens and dozens of houses. Over sixty, easily.  We probably both thought we could wear the other down, and when neither gave in, it only made things worse. As we neared our make-or-break date (when we’d have to start looking to rent because we couldn’t count on buying), Sean kept assuring me that we’d find a place we both loved. I kept assuring him that people say “Happy wife, happy life” for a reason, and a reason he’d soon enough find out.

Trying to find the one: Home buying edition.

But then I discovered house shopping is just like wedding dress shopping.  After going through a few you think you like, maybe even a lot, you step into The One and know it’s perfect. For a wedding dress, that means feeling more beautiful than you ever have before, like it was made just for you.  For a house, it means picturing you and your husband building a life together with each step you take through the home. The One turned out to be an older home where Sean can walk to work, cafes, shops, the gym, etc.  I know, it’s not what I wanted. But it’s where I want to start my life with Sean. The wedding day will be great. I’ll get to wear the most beautiful dress in the world, see all of my friends and family, and enjoy something that happens once in a lifetime.  Then I’ll wake up the next morning, and Sean and I will embark on the rest of our lives together.

My final advice:

While it is easy to get caught up in the wedding day, a wedding is really about the day afterwards, and the day after that, and the day after that.  For me, buying a house put that in perspective.  While I can’t stop thinking about our wedding on August 7th, I’m looking forward to August 8th even more.

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Collette Schwabe
May 16, 2019 06:37

OMG, you should write a book! YOu almost made me cry!

Sarah Soho
May 16, 2019 06:37

Agreed, put some of us Wedding Shoppe Inc. employees in tears as well! Thanks, Jessi for sharing so much with us! Best Wishes to you and Sean!

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