A Wedding Planning Guide for Couples

Have you enlisted the help of your fiancé as you embark on the wedding planning adventure? Or has your fiancé asked to be a part of the process (if he is anything like my husband, that is unlikely.)? This post is a wedding planning guide to help you work efficiently as a team and get the job done! The whole process can be simple if you make a plan, consider our questions for couples, and stick together.

wedding planning guide

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Decide who will handle what when planning.

There are many parts of the wedding planning process that you’ll want to tackle as a team. But, to be efficient you should assign certain tasks to the person who will do the best with that particular subject matter. There are a few questions for couples to consider when beginning their wedding plans. If your guy is a foodie, let him research catering companies or book tastings for you to attend together. Are you great at coordinating colors and décor? Your fiancé may not mind if you take over the centerpieces or the ceremony decorations. Your wedding should reflect both of your unique personalities and interests. Figure out the answers to these questions for couples planning together, and the process will be a little less stressful and a lot more fun!

Some items, like your wedding playlist, are perfect tasks to take on together.

wedding playlist

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Some wedding planning tasks can be loads of fun when you do them together. One great example would be your wedding playlist. Break out your iPods and compare your favorite songs one night. Planning your wedding playlist may just lead to a night of dancing (practice makes perfect!).

Good communication is the key ingredient in this wedding planning guide.

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Although wedding planning can get stressful at times, planning as a couple can actually help eliminate some stress. The key to this wedding planning guide for couples is to be open and honest with each other, and to make sure you are both on the same page about everything. Good communication will move the planning process along quickly, and ensure that you have fun together during this exciting time in your lives. Happy Planning!

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