A "Techy" Way to Save on the RSVPs {Featured Bride, Nikki S.}

Featured Bride Nikki S., Wedding Location: Minnetonka, MN | Wedding Date: April 9, 2011

Featured Bride, Nikki S., has her wedding invitation design done and a great idea on how to cut costs for her RSVPs with a wedding website.

A "Techy" Way to Save on the RSVPs.

She has a little less than two months to go before her big day, so stay tuned to see how she and Reid continue their wedding planning journey (and hopefully she will share some pictures of her special day with us after!)  Good luck Nikki & Reid!

How to cut the cost: Wedding website.

We are under two months away and I can't wait for the day to be here.  I finished my wedding invitation design and my amazing aunt and uncle printed them as a gift to Reid and me.  We also decided to create a wedding website to which those people getting invitations will be directed to RSVP.  The website has been a huge factor in cutting cost on such a large wedding.  It eliminates a lot of postage, which saves us a lot of money!  It also gives family and friends a chance to take a look at our story, as its full of details about our day and our life leading up to it!  I designed a mail-back RSVP for those who don't have computers, or would find that process extremely confusing (such as my grandmother).  The website can also be set up to take people to our various registries, and they can actually purchase items online, eliminating having to go to the store, print off a sheet and find the item.  They can even have it shipped to our house.  There are many wedding website services out there but the one we chose to use was Weddingwire.com.  We are able to enter in our guests, create seating charts, track what food item they choose and even categorize them.  It's such an easy way to track who is coming!  You can also use that to track groom's dinner and bridal shower RSVPs. Our next step is to get these invites folded, addressed and sent.  Then we can sit back and tally how many are coming.  I have been checking out various wedding florists and have yet to come to a decision, but hopefully this week! Other Posts You’ll Love: Why We're Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding Setting the Date Introducing Featured Bride Kai K. Featured Bride Lauren W. on Creative RSVP Ideas

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