Feature Bride Sarah T.: Wedding Proposal & Venue Choosing!

Featured Bride, Sarah T., Wedding Location: St. Paul, MN  |  Wedding Date: April 10th, 2010 This is my first blog and it’s officially 5 weeks until the big day which is super exciting! I’ll be getting married on April 10th, 2010 in St. Paul MN. St Paul Hotel

The Saint Paul Hotel is a favorite wedding venue in the Twin Cities.

Find out about Sarah T.’s romantic wedding proposal and her plans for a special wedding reception.

Romance in Rice Park.

My fiancé and I met in college while hiding out  from our horrible freshmen roommates in a mutual friend’s dorm room. I made fun of his sweatshirt and we started dating shortly after. He proposed in Rice Park on August 15th, 2008, which was the happiest night of my life.  The wedding proposal was very unique, as it was in French! We were both French minors at college. He actually  had originally asked me out in French, so it was very romantic!

St. Paul sites.

We had eaten dinner at the St. Paul Grille (located in the St. Paul Hotel) before the proposal, so it was only natural that we would host our reception at our favorite St. Paul spot. We loved the traditional charm and elegance of the St. Paul Hotel and after meeting with their wedding coordinator, we were certain that she would take care of everything. One of the reasons I love our reception site is because they let us customize the details to make it truly our day. I’m from England originally, so they have agreed to fly the Union Jack the day of our wedding to make my family feel more at home. Custom cocktails to reflect our personalities were another fun touch we added to our day.

Choosing the church.

In-keeping with our traditional St. Paul wedding we will be getting married at a small church in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood. We chose the church because we loved the pastor and the architecture along with the music. It feels like a real community and definitely reflects what we love about St. Paul. I plan to write one wedding planning blog each week as we count down towards the wedding so come back next week to read about how I found the perfect bridal dress!

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