Featured Bride, Lauren W.: 44 Days to Go and Lots of DIY!

Featured Bride, Lauren W.: 44 Days to Go and Lots of DIY!

44 days and lots of DIY to go!

Hey everyone! I can't believe that we're nearly only six weeks away from our "I do"s! Time flies when you're wedding planning! Lately, we've been in crunch mode, getting our do it yourself projects done and ordering lots of things for the ceremony and reception. Some of the DIY projects that have been completed are:
  • Items for my bridesmaids
  • Our candy table bunting [photo below]
  • Chalkboards for guest information (you can see them in on the counter behind our bunting photo!)
  • Our "Wedding Tree" guestbook
  • My shoe details ("I Do" rhinestones on the bottom of my heels)
  • Our birdhouse (in honor of my great grandpa; it will be part of our decor)
  • Candy table decor and vases [photo below]
DIY Wedding Decorations: Do It Yourself Wedding Crafts & Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations by Lauren W, Candy Buffet Bunting

Here are the supplies that were used for the various projects:

Candy Table Bunting:
  • (3) pieces of cardstock paper in wedding colors
  • (1) E-6000 glue tube
  • (1) pair of scissors
  • (1) pair of funky border scissors
  • (2) sets of glitter letters (can be purchased at Michaels in their scrapbooking section)
  • (1) 300 yard spool of ribbon
Chalk Boards: How ever many chalkboards you want to use (they can be purchased from Michael's for approx. $2.50/chalkboard).
  • (1) tube of acrylic paint
  • (1) paintbrush
Wedding Tree:
  • (1) large sheet of artist paper (125 guests = 16"x20", 175 to 250 guests = 24" x 36")
  • (1) thin, firm paint brush
  • (1) tube of black or dark brown acrylic paint
  • (1) small tube of accent color acrylic paint (for the birds sitting in the tree, symbolizing you and your future hubby/wife)
  • (2) permanent ink pads for stamps in wedding colors
  • (2) leaf stamps (small enough to have your wedding guests all fit on tree)
Shoe details:
  • (1) E-6000 glue tube
  • (1) package of glue-on rhinestones OR approx 150 rhinestones
  • Purchased from Michael's for $5
  • Paint to taste
Candy Table Decor:
  • Antique shops
  • (8) various shaped vases from HomeGoods ($9/vase)
  • (1) spool of colored ribbon in wedding colors
DIY Wedding Decorations: Do It Yourself Wedding Crafts & Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations by Lauren W, Candy Buffet Jars Okay, so now that you've got the supplies - it's time to put them all together. for some of these projects, you can probably figure out how to get them done, but some things may require extra time or help. The wedding tree was a very tedious project that took some time, so be patient! If you need any help, comment below and I will answer any questions. I can't wait to share the absolute finished results with all of you when they're finally all complete. Happy planning!


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