4 Best Unique Wedding Venues

Modern brides want their wedding day to be as unique and special as possible, and that often means finding the perfect non-traditional wedding venue. Thinking outside the box and finding a location that reflects the happy couple’s personalities and makes everyone happy is not always easy. We hope our suggestions help inspire you to find the best place to say, “I do.”

1. Dog Parks

Whether you and your future spouse met in a dog park or just love dogs, getting married in a dog park may be the perfect answer to your venue dilemma. Many traditional wedding venues and churches will not welcome your dog, but a dog park will give you the opportunity to involve your four-legged best friend in your special day. You also may want to include your dog ceremony by enlisting him to be the ring bearer or her to be the flower girl. You even could designate him as Best Dog! You even could designate him as Best Dog like this happy couple did when they eloped at Shelby Farms Dog Park. If you do decide to tie the knot in a dog park, be sure to check with the local government, recreation board, or dog park owners about securing a permit and making sure you keep your guest within their occupancy requirements.  It’s also a good idea to hold your wedding at a time when the park is less crowded, so consider making the ceremony even more special by holding it on a day other than Saturday. And, you could wow guests by giving them wedding favors that include treats for their dogs or making a donation to a local animal shelter on their behalf. Looking for the best dog park for your ceremony? Fortunately for you, they’re scattered everywhere. Start by looking at a site like Rover.com, which offers city-by-city lists of dog parks, complete with address and amenities. Here’s a quick sampling to give you an idea San Jose, CA, Raleigh, NC,Albuquerque, NM, Madison, WI, Indianapolis, IN, Knoxville, TN, Saint Paul, MN, Portland, OR,Miami, FL, and Calgary. Our picks? justin-veenema-147056-unsplash

2. Museums

Museums are great places to hold your wedding because they feature large, open spaces and provide beautiful backdrops for your photographs. Museums also have some of the best lighting of any indoor space, which also will enhance your wedding photos. Consider choosing a museum that speaks to your interests or one that you want to draw attention to in the hopes of helping them generate more donations. Fortunately, many museums offer spaces that you can rent after-hours, and they have amenities for guests so you won’t have to worry about parking or providing additional restroom facilities. You also likely will not have to rent an additional location for your reception since many museums have spaces for dining and dancing. Ask whether museum staff will give guided tours or open your favorite exhibit to entertain guests while you’re having your photos taken. It’s helpful if you choose a museum that has an in-house event planner or an event coordinator who can help you make your wedding dreams come to life. WeddingWire has compiled a list of some of the best museums for weddings, including Museum wedding

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3. Lakeside

There’s no shortage of rivers, lakes and ponds; especially if you’re located in Minnesota like we are. A waterside wedding is the perfect way to express your love for the outdoors whether you’re exchanging vows at a natural or man-made body of water. No matter what season you’re tying the knot during, lakes provide a stunning background for your photos. Lakes offer beautiful scenery, but also a lot of fun! Not only will you are your guests enjoy taking in the views, but you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy swimming, boating, or hiking before and after the wedding day. Make a vacation of it whether you’re local or not! Just be respectful of the environment and be sure to advocate for the health and cleanliness of the body of water. Midwest Living offers great tips for finding the perfect lakeside getaway location, perfect for weddings! The list includes: NorthShoreStyledShoot(19of142)

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4. Libraries

Book lovers especially find the idea of getting married in a library appealing. From historic libraries, to academic libraries on college campuses, to public libraries, you can get married in just about any library. Because many libraries have meeting rooms and larger spaces, they are a perfect choice for a unique wedding. Sophisticated, elegant weddings are ideal for libraries, especially if you choose one that is historic with gorgeous architectural details. They also tend to be closed at night, which provides you with a private, quiet space for the wedding of your dreams. For example, NFL player Devon Still and Asha Joyce had a dream wedding at The New York Public Library. If you and your spouse met in your college or university library, plan to hold the ceremony there. Or, if you want to raise awareness for a public library in your area, work out the details with staff and encourage guests to make a donation to the library in lieu of wedding gifts. For other library locations that are ideal for weddings, check out our list of suggestions: Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.56.13 PM

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When you want to have the wedding of your dreams, you should choose a unique location. Try to pick a spot that has special meaning to you as a couple and reflects your personalities. For example, you may want to get married in a dog park if you are dog lovers, in a museum that features your interests, at a lake if you are an outdoor enthusiast, or in a library if you love books. The right location will make your day even more meaningful and will be a place you can visit again and again to continue the celebration of your love. Written by Erin R. from DIYMama.net

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