Unique Wedding Favors & More! {Featured Bride, Sarah T.}

Featured Bride, Sarah T.

Wedding Location: Saint Paul, MN | Wedding Date: April 10, 2010

Featured Bride, Sarah T. is nearing the end of the wedding planning stage, as she creates unique wedding favors, an unforgettable wedding guest book and affordable wedding invitations.

Unique wedding favors, guest book, and invitations!

Now that the wedding is getting closer all of the big stuff is planned but I am enjoying finalizing all of the little details. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to enjoy all of these little details without getting stressed about a time crunch! This week I’m working on finishing our wedding favors, which I’m pretty excited about. We wanted to do something fun but simple because favors can get expensive very quickly.

Tips on affordable wedding invitations.

I printed all of my own invitations (with my Mom’s help) and bought matching place cards, programs, and wedding favor boxes. This was a great way to save money and if you have the time to format everything, the wedding invitations look really professional. I found mine at Michael’s but I am sure that other craft stores carry similar packages.

Sarah's unique wedding favors.

The favor boxes are fairly easy to put together, and it won’t take too much time if you are having a small to medium sized wedding. While I was in Las Vegas I went to the M&M store and bought M&M’s in all of the bright colors that will be in my bouquet. I found some great little clear plastic bags at Party America and filled them with the pink, orange, yellow, green, and white M&M’s. Then I found some round silver stickers with a heart on them and used them to close the plastic bags. Put the bag in the box and it makes for simple, inexpensive, and fun unique wedding favors for your guests!

Memorable wedding guestbook.

Another project I am working on this week is our “guestbook”. The traditional wedding guestbook is something that we probably would have enjoyed on the day but then we probably would have put it in a box and never looked at it again. I wanted something more memorable so I bought a black picture frame with white card stock so that our guests can sign it. This is a fun update to the traditional option and something we can hang in our house to enjoy everyday! A few tips that I wish I would have thought about before doing this were to measure the picture and make a note of if the photo needs to be horizontal or vertical…I know this seems simple but I totally didn’t think about this and had to re-start a few times!

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