2015 Wedding Trends: The Top 40

2015 Wedding Trends: The Top 40
Can you believe 2014 is coming to a close? I’ll have fond memories of Radiant Orchid, Gatsby dresses, and sparklers, but a new year means new fads! From bridal gowns to craft beer, I’ve created the ultimate list of 2015 wedding trends. There’s not time to waste—what’s in store for your big day?

2015 Wedding Trends: The Top 40

2015 Wedding Trends Main

Your Overall Theme

1. Intimate & Informal

What’s the best wedding theme for 2015? That would be “Your Wedding.” Wait a minute… Here’s the thing: Your big day should represent nothing but the relationship you and your fiancé have built together, and the future you both dream of. Couples are focusing less on a large, traditional ceremony and more on an unconventional and intimate day. Smaller guest lists, unique seating arrangements, and plenty of personalized details. Menus comprised of your favorite foods, signature cocktails, and photos everywhere. Focus on what makes your love story unique, and every guest will as well.

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2. Bohemian

You’ll find plenty of easy, comfortable bridal gowns in the new lines. Sheath silhouettes, lace appliqués, and sheer fabrics. Brides aren’t afraid to show a little skin this year.

3. Long, Lace Sleeves

Long sleeves are back, but this time they’re oh-so-romantic and littered in lace appliqués. Who new coverage could be so sexy? Allure-Romance-2808

4. High, Dramatic Necklines

Illusion necklines with plenty of intricate details are the way to go this season. Some call it conservative, but I call it fashion-forward.

5. Cutouts and Crop Tops

Remember what I said about showing a little skin? Crop tops took over everyday wear this past summer, and now they’re taking over the bridal runways. Look for them in Hayley Paige’s newest line. If a crop top feels too bold (you’re not alone), go with chic cutouts.

6. Airy Ball Gowns

Princess styles are back, but this year they’re fit for a fairy tale. Shop styles with large, tulle skirts that will weigh much less than the average ball gown. Then float down the aisle…

7. The Angelina Slit

I laughed out loud when I saw this trend—what a name! Remember when Mrs. Pitt wore that gorgeous black number to the 2012 Oscars, and her leg boldly posed through a very high slit? Well, you could do that too on your big day! Show off those gorgeous legs.

9. Sexy Backs

The lower, the better. If you want to show a lot of skin on your big day, this is the ideal way to do it. Low backs are sexy without being vulgar. Allure-Romance-2802 Allure-Romance-2800

10. Deep V-Necks

Plunging necklines are something you’ll find on a lot of Bohemian dresses. This cut is flattering and quite beautiful. Request that cups be sewn into the dress so you don’t lose any support.

11. New Colors

Blush is still making its mark on the runways, but a few more pastels have found their way into the industry. Light blue is my personal favorite, but you’ll also find soft golds and silvers in next year’s ceremonies.

12. Off-the-Shoulder

The hottest neckline out there includes bare shoulders. This is probably the biggest trend in bridal gowns, but every other site has it at the top, so why not try some of my other suggestions first? Being trendy is great—being unique is better.

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Bridal Beauty

13. Flower Crowns

They’re here to stay.

14. Baby’s Breath

Is a crown too much? Secure tiny sprinklings of Baby’s Breath throughout your hair—stunning!

15. Statement Jewelry

Less glitz on the gowns means more for you. Large statement necklaces and earrings pair well with Bohemian-style attire. Add a pop of color, if you want!

16. Braids

I swear—I saw multiple Elsa braids (think Frozen) on the runways this year. Braids have been a part of bridal beauty for a while, but it looks like they’re sticking around.

17. Marsala Lips

PANTONE’s Color of the Year is Marsala, and while it took me some time to like it, I think I’ve been convinced. It’s an interesting neutral with burgundy undertones—perfect for dramatic lips. Shop Accessories

The Groom

18. Vintage-Inspired, Loose Suits

This look isn’t for every body type, so select it with care.

19. Brit-Inspired Tweed Suits

The Brits are invading the industry in many ways (garden parties, al fresco dining, etc.), but my personal favorite is menswear. There’s nothing like a tweed suit to melt your heart.

20. Unique Pops of Color

Crazy socks, a bright boutonniere, a colorful bowtie—the options are endless.

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21. PANTONE Color Report

Get inspired by the 2015 PANTONE Colors>>

22. Pastels

The Color Report offers a few options, but any soft, romantic pastels are going to be painting the wedding scene this season. Blush, pale blue, Lucite Green...I’m in love with the look. Throw in neutrals and metallics to give it a touch of glamour. Pantone-Colors-for-Spring-2015


23. Neutrals

Neutral shades, like ivory and beige, would look beautiful with your pastel palette. It’s also ideal if you’re going to be wearing a colored wedding gown.

24. Lace

This fabric pairs well with the rustic themes we’re seeing again this year. Shop Kennedy Blue for affordable styles>>

25. Floral Patterns

Allure released a fabulous line of floral print bridesmaid dresses for spring! They’re bold, but gosh are they gorgeous. Allure-1435

26. Mix & Match

Allowing your ‘maids to choose a style or neckline that makes them feel confident is a fantastic gesture. Have them choose looks from the same designer so that fabrics and colors match.

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27. Romantic Luxe

Picture Kim and Kanye’s big day—that romantic look screams luxury and is exactly what brides will be looking for.

28. More is More

Walls of flowers will serve as photo or ceremony backdrops. Large bouquets, centerpieces, hanging arrangements—this fad will be both beautiful and expensive.

29. Large Petals

Flowers with large petals—hydrangeas, hyanciths, orchids, etc.—are some of the must-have species. Pastels, ivory, or white are going to be the colors of the season.

30. Seasonal Elements

Pine cones in the winter, wheat in the fall, greenery in the spring…show off the season’s gifts in your bouquet or arrangements.

31. Greenery

While flowers have once again taken center stage, greenery is still holding its ground. If you want a more rustic look, consider extra greenery or long stems in your flower arrangements.


32. Copper and Bronze

If you’re going with “rustic” as your theme but want a bit of glamour tossed in, bronze and copper are metallics that will complement the look.

33. Rustic, Wooden Tables

Forget tablecloths. Long wooden tables (perfect for family-style meals) are on-trend. Benches will bring everyone even closer together.

34. Edison Bulbs

They’re everywhere—including ceremonies and receptions. Edison-bulbs-wedding


35. Farm-to-Table

Organic, locally-produced food is still a hit for the big dinner. Can’t complain about this one!

36. Family-Style

If you really want an intimate day, consider a family-style meal. Serve your favorite comfort foods and have them passed around. Nothing says “love” like a family dinner.

37. Late-Night Snacks

Let your guests know there will be a tasty treat later in the night, and I bet they’ll stick around! Pizza, grilled cheese, cookies…the options are endless. If you have room in your budget, food trucks are definite crowd pleasers.


38. Wine & Beer

I live in Minneapolis, and the craft beer scene is spectacular. Couples seem to love the craze, and are offering craft selections rather than open bars. Not only is it more affordable, but it’s the perfect choice for a casual affair. Serve wine too, and you should make everyone happy.


39. Back to Basics

Classic, tiered cakes are the way to go. No more smorgasbords of pies, dessert tables, or candy bars. Stick with cake and serve your favorite flavor.


40. Covers of Classics

Modern wedding songs are actually covers of the classics. Check out my recent playlist >>

What trends have caught your eye for 2015? Join the conversation in a comment below!

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