2015 Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dresses

2015 Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dresses
They’re here! The 2015 bridal party lines are trickling in, and I can’t enough of this year’s trends. Pleats, patterns, low backs, and belts…the list goes on and there’s one line that has them all. If you want to be unique above all else, you need to shop 2015 Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses. I swear—this collection gets better and better every season! I’ve listed a few gowns that have kept up with the current wedding trends. Check them out and discover what “unique” really means. 2015 Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dresses

2015 Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses take on the trends.


Low Backs - High Style

Bridal gown backs have gotten more and more daring over the past couple of years, so it’s no wonder bridesmaids want the same sexy element. If you’re looking for low or keyhole backs, I recommend 1501 and 1508. Each one features a flattering, supportive neckline that allows for some exposure in the back. I adore the 3 stripes on 1501, and they can be any colors you desire! Bari-Jay-1524Bari-Jay-1516

Illusion Love

Illusion necklines are the ideal way to show a little skin in a modest way. I love that you can have the beloved sweetheart style without losing support. You can get this romantic neckline with a simple, sheer fabric or even lace—this designer offers both. Style 1524 features a lace tank that can come in a variety of shades, so consider your ‘maids skin-tones. 1516 is English letting over a chiffon lining. Both fabrics can also be the colors of your choosing. Bari-Jay-1506Bari-Jay-1529

Flattering Belts

The fact that a fabulous accessory comes with so many of these styles is such a win. Belts have been added to the list of bridesmaid trends, and I think they do so much for a gown! Not only do they add a unique flair, but they’re flattering! Some of the belts detach from the gown—the sashes, for instance—and some are contrasting bands that show off a narrow waist. Both have the same beautiful effect. Bari-Jay-1525Bari-Jay-1504


This trend can be a bit vague, but I think one search on Pinterest will define it for you. Simple looks with an easy, breezy feel fit into the Bohemian big days so many brides are planning. Looks like 1504 or 1525 in neutral tones are perfect. 1525 leaves plenty of room for bold accessories, while the flower and lace on 1504 gives you the flair you need. Bari-Jay-1521Bari-Jay-EN-1511

Pretty in Pleats

With pleating comes confidence. The chiffon 2015 Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses have lots of flattering pleats, as well as soft ruching—double win. Pleats also allow for large, flowy skirts that will look gorgeous as your ladies walk down the aisle. You can also find this design trick on cocktail styles, like EN-1511.

Low Prices

I wouldn’t say that low prices are a “trend,” but rather a necessity! Affordable bridal party dresses are always on-trend, and Bari Jay fits right in. This new line has styles that range from $125-167. It’s not often that the both price extremes are extremely budget-friendly! Which new Bari Jay gowns are your favorite? Let us know in a comment below!

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