10 Wedding Planning Tips for Your Pup

Everyone wants their best friend to be a part of their big day. But, what if your best friend is man’s best friend? Many brides and grooms are choosing to include their dogs in their wedding. Dogs have become an adored addition to the wedding party; from a dog ring bearer, to a flower ‘pup’, the wedding roles for Rover are endless (and adorable). However, if you own a dog, you know they need more than a good belly rub to be content in a crowd. If you plan on inviting a dog to your wedding, you should consider these ten wedding planning tips:

wedding planning tips

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Consider my ten wedding planning tips before your pup joins the party.

1. Make sure your pooch can handle the pressure: Unless you’re having a very small wedding, make sure you consider your dog’s social skills before inviting them to the celebration. If your dog scares easily, or becomes anxious and protective around large groups of people, you should probably leave it at home. 2. Decide on a dog-friendly venue: If your pup’s presence is a must-have at your wedding, make sure you choose dog-friendly ceremony and reception venues. 3. Alert anyone with allergies: It’s a good idea to let your guests, especially your wedding party, know a dog will be at the wedding. Many people have severe animal allergies, and you need to make sure your guests are having a good time and not sneezing all night!
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4. What role are you giving Rover?: There are plenty of wedding day duties you can give your dog. Make him a dog ring bearer, or your littlest lady could be a flower ‘pup’? Your dog could escort you down the aisle, or perhaps accompany your flower girls. Children are often nervous to be in a wedding, and your furry friend could provide some comfort. Man’s best friend also makes the perfect best man or maid of honor. 5. Choose a dog handler for much needed help: I think we all know you’re going to be a little busy on your big day. Make sure that someone you and your dog trust is in charge. This person will have to make sure your dog is well-behaved, fed, watered, and doing his business outside. Make sure the dog and the handler are prepared for their wedding day duties. 6. Remember to walk the dog: No matter how hard you train them, some dogs just can’t help but get excited when surrounded by people. However, the last thing you need is your pooch barking through the ceremony, jumping on your guests, or worst of all, having an accident while walking down the aisle. Even a trusted handler can’t prevent all doggy disasters. If your pooch is just a puppy, or your dog can’t control their excitement, think long and hard before including them in different areas of your wedding. One of my wedding planning tips is to take your dog on a long walk or run before the wedding. Wearing it out, even a little, may help with energy levels on the big day.

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7. Practice with your pooch: I highly recommend a field trip to the venue with your dog before the big day. Let them get used to the space. If they’re going to walk down the aisle, practice a few times and give them a treat or two for encouragement. If anyone else is working with your dog on the big day, give them a chance to get to know one another, as well. 8. Pre-wedding grooming: Make sure you take your pet to the groomers before the big day. Not only will your dog look nice for photos, but it will also remove some of the loose hair. The less your dog is shedding, the less likely your guests will be sneezing! 9. Decide on dashing dog wedding outfits: Are you determined to dress up your pooch in dog wedding outfits? As you can see from our Paws on Grand photos, we’re a big fan of dog wedding outfits! The key is to make sure your pet is comfortable. If dog wedding outfits won’t work for your pup, a glitzy leash or flower-covered collar will work just fine. 10. Wedding pics with your pup: Of all my wedding planning tips for your pup, this may be the most important. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos with your pooch! These must-have wedding photos may turn out to be some of your favorites.

wedding planning tips

Did you have a dog ring bearer or flower ‘pup’? How did you include your dog on the big day? Let us know in a comment below!

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