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Raised Tiers A type of cake in which layers are separated by columns to make the cake appear taller.

Rayon Fabric A fabric created from a semi-synthetic fiber that is similar to silk, but has a more elastic high lustre quality giving it a bright sheen.

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Reception Cards The reception card is used to tell guests where the reception is going to be. This card is helpful if the reception is going to be at a different location, time or on a different day than the ceremony.

Reception Dresses Many brides are choosing a second dress for their wedding reception, allowing them to have a more formal look for the ceremony and a more fun and comfortable dress for the reception.

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Renaissance Lace A type of lace in which woven tape motifs are joined by a variety of flat stitches. (see Battenberg Lace)

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Response Card Allows for an accurate guest count, and gives guests the opportunity to select meal options. The response card is filled out by the guest and returned to the bride and groom. According to wedding etiquette, it is proper to include a self-adresses, stamped envelope, when sending response cards with the wedding invitation.

Ribbon A narrow strip or band of fine fabric, such as satin or velvet. Ribbons are available in various widths, lengths, and fabrics. They are popular additions to bridal and special occasion fashions, as well as commonly used on invitations.

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Ring Bearer Usually a small boy (sometimes a little girl) who walks down the aisle as part of the bridal procession, carrying a ring bearer pillow that has two decorative rings tied to it.

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Rolled Fondant The finished product of basic fondant that has been rolled out into a flat round surface. Rolled fondant is used to cover cakes perfectly smooth without wrinkles or bubbles. (see Fondant)

Royal Cathedral Train The longest, most formal train length, extending 9 feet or more behind the gown, measured from the back of the waist. (See also: "Extended Cathedral Train" & "Monarch Train")

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Royal Icing A mixture of confectioners sugar and egg whites that is commonly used in cake decoration because of its quick dry properties. It can be piped through a bag to create flowers and other decorations that are allowed to dry and placed individually on a cake.

Ruching A sewing technique, in which tight, decorative gathers create flattering pleats in the fabric.

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Ruffles A sewing technique in which a strip of fabric, lace or ribbon is tightly gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to the garment creating a flowing, feminine detail.

Rukhsat A tradition in Muslim weddings where the father of the bride says farewell to his daughter on the promise the groom will look after her.

Russian Tulle A type of fabric similar to netting but with wide holes. It is commonly used to make birdcage veils.

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