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Pages or Page Boys Small children (usually boys) who follow the bride down the aisle carrying some of her train. Sometimes referred to as train bearers. (see Train)

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Paisley Pattern A fabric woven or printed with colorful curved (amoeba-like) abstract figures. Some paisley prints can take on a floral texture.

Parchment A finer, thinner vellum paper that often has a worn look with a rough edge.

Peak Lapel Type of lapel on which the top line slants up from the horizontal. Often forms a V shape on both sides of the jacket.

Peau de Soie Fabric ("POH-dih-Swah") A soft, satin-faced, high quality cloth with a dull luster, fine ribs, and a grainy appearance.

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Peek-a-Boo Sleeve Sheer, puffed sleeve with different fabric showing through underneath.

Peplum A short flounce or overskirt attached at the waistline.

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Pick-Ups A design element displayed in the skirt of many bridal gowns, in which fabric is picked up at various points and attached to the skirt; used to create volume.

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Pile The pile of a fabric refers to the threads that stand up from the weave (Ex. corduroy, velvet, faux fur).

Pillars The supports used to prop up varying tiers of a multi-tiered wedding cake. They may be made from cardboard, plastic or wood. Also known as columns.

Pima A fine grade cotton produced from high-quality yarn. Pima is a type of dyable cotton that is very soft and strong. A crossbreed of Upland and Egyptian cotton, it was developed in Pima County, Arizona.

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Pique A knit fabric with a waffle-weave appearance. The outside resembles a honeycomb or waffle and the underside is smooth.

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Place Card A small tent card that is used to show guests their seating at the reception dinner.

Plaid Pattern Fabric with an overlapping crisscross pattern made using different colored threads in the warp and weft. Originating in Scotland, plaid is known as a tartan and is traditionally worn to represent a clan or family.

Ply One of the strands in a yarn, two-ply would indicate that two strands have been twisted together to make one yarn.

Pocket Square A fabric square that may be folded in various manners, and placed in the outer breast pocket of a tuxedo.

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Poet Sleeve Pleated at the shoulder; very full from shoulder to cuff.

Point d' esprit A bobbinet or tulle with oval or square dots woven in an irregular pattern. Also known as spirit stitch.

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Polyester An inexpensive synthetic fiber that is woven into a strong and durable fabric.

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Pomander A round ball completely covered by flower blooms. They are carried on a ribbon by flower girls in the bridal procession.

Portrait Neckline A wide neckline that frames the collarbone with straps or sleeves that rest on the tips of one's shoulders.

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Posies Small and roundly shaped flower bouquets that are tightly packed and include greenery. They are held together by a twine or sometimes a wire. A posy can also be known as a nosegay, but generally a proper posy is slightly smaller and often includes extras like ribbons or silk flowers.

Pouf A piece of netting gathered up and attached to a headpiece or comb providing extra height to the veil.

Presentation An elegant bouquet of long stemmed flowers that the bride cradles in her arms. Also known as the pageant bouquet.

Princess Seams An elongating dress style, featuring vertical seams that from top to hem.(The term "Princess" is also commonly used to refer to the A-Line silhouette)

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Pump A low-cut, slip-on shoe for formal evening wear that does not have laces or straps. Pumps usually have an ornamental grosgrain ribbon bow in front and are often made of patent leather or dull calf.

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