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Natural Waistline (Natural Waist) The term used to describe the measurement taken at the natural waistline, typically across the naval. Another way to find the natural waistline is by bending to one side, the crease marks the location of the natural waistline.

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Neckline The "line" formed by the top edge of a gown, at or below the neck, in reference to height and shape of the style as viewed from the front.

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Neckwear Men's formal neckwear includes neckties, bow ties, cravats, and more.

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Normal Rise Style of trousers in which the rise (the distance between inseam and outseam) is standard.

Nosegay Small, round bouquets, approximately 16-18 inches in diameter. The are often wired or tied together and composed of densely packed round flowers, greenery, and herbs. (see Posies)

Notch Lapel Type of lapel on which the top line slants down in line with the collar seam. This creates a look on both sides of the jacket as if a notch was "cut out."

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