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Maid of Honor The chief unmarried female attendant to the bride. She is responsible for a number of duties including holding the ring designated for the groom, holding the bride's bouquet during vows, and attending to the dress.

Man of Honor The male equivalent of the maid of honor if the bride prefers to have a male friend stand as chief attendant.

Mantilla Veil A wedding veil, made from a circular piece of fabric, and draped over the crown of the head, and secured with a comb. The Spanish translation is "little cloak."

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Marzipan A substance made of sugar, egg whites, and almond paste used as a base for icing or to mold decorative forms.

Matchbooks A popular keepsake favor, matchbooks are often personalized in color and design.

Matron of Honor The married equivalent of the maid of honor.

Mermaid Silhouette The mermaid silhouette tightly hugs the contours of the body from the bodice to the knee. The skirt then flares out to the hem, beginning at or below the knee.

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Mezzo Punto A mixed lace composed partly of bobbin or woven work and party of buttonhole stitches. (see Battenberg Lace)

Microfiber A lightweight synthetic fiber woven into fabrics, microfiber is available acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon. The soft, luxurious fabric is wrinkle resistant and machine washable.

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Mizinke (meh-ZINK-a) A joyous dance towards the end of the simcha (reception), which honors parents who have brought their last daughter or son to the wedding canopy.

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MOB Acronym for mother of the bride.

Mock Neck A similar style to the turtleneck, without the portion of folded fabric. (Also called the "Mock Turtleneck")

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Modified A-Line A style of skirt that skims the hips and gradually flares to the hem, forming an "A" shape. The skirt of the modified A-line fits closer to the body than traditional A-line skirts.

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Modified Sweetheart Neckline A modification of the sweetheart neckline, displaying more subtle rounding above the bust, and a shallower plunge at the décolletage. (See also: Sweetheart Neckline)

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MOG Acronym for mother of the groom.

MOH Acronym for maid/man/matron of honor.

Moire A heavy silk taffeta with a subtle, wavy design that has the look of wood grain.

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Monarch Train The longest, most formal train length, extending 9 feet or more behind the gown, from the back of the waist. (Also known as: "Grand Cathedral Train," "Royal Cathedral Train," & "Extended Cathedral Train")

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Monograms A graphic symbol consisting of two or more letters combined. On wedding invitations it is common for a monogram to consist of the first initials of both bride and groom and the last initial of the groom.

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