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Kallah (KAH-lah) Hebrew for bride.

Ketuba (k'too-BAH) The wedding contract between the bride and groom in Jewish weddings. It is usually highly decorated and often framed and put on the wall in the couple's home.

Keyhole The keyhole design can be seen in the neckline or the back of dresses, and can be a revealing style, or may show very little skin.

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Khaki Fabric A sturdy twilled fabric made from worsted cotton, linen, wool, or synthetic fiber blends. Khaki pants are commonly paired with blazers and worn by the grooms' attendants.

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Knee-Length As the name suggests, a knee-length hemline stops right at knee height, usually just grazing the tops of the knees.

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Koumbaro The koumbaro is the best man in Eastern Orthodox Christian weddings. The koumbara is the female version. (see Crown)

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