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Hacking Pocket A slanted flap pocket on a coat, rarely found in formal wear. The hacking pocket originated from the need to reach into a slanted pocket while riding a horse than if it were horizontal.

Half Crown An ornate headpiece for the bride, which lies between a crown and tiara in size and weight.

Half-Windsor Knot A method of tying men's neckties, forming a neat, symmetrical, triangular knot, slightly smaller than the Full Windsor Knot. (Also referred to as the "Single Windsor")

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Halter A neckline featuring straps that wrap around from the front and connect at the back, behind the neck.

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Handkerchief A traditional handkerchief is a hemmed square of thin fabric carried in the pocket or purse, its use is intended for personal hygiene purposes. In formal wear, a handkerchief or pocket square is a silk or satin fabric square folded in a variety of manners and placed in the outer breast pocket of a tuxedo.

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Hat Band This adjustable hat band can be added to any hat to coordinate with tuxedo accessories. This is a popular accessory for proms and quinceaneras when paired with a scarf and cane.

Hattabin These are the male friends and family of the groom at a Muslim wedding.

Headband A band that follows the shape of the head; an excellent option for a bride wearing her hair pulled back or down.

Herringbone A classic zigzag effect resembling the backbone of a herring. This is achieved by altering the direction of the twill.

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High Low (Silhouette) The High Low Silhouette (also: Hi-Low) features an asymmetrical hemline, which is higher in the front, and grows longer as it transitions to the back of the gown.

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Hollow-to-Hem Measurement The measurement taken from the hollow of the neck, to the hem of the dress. (The overall length, or desired length, of the wedding dress.)

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Honor Attendants These are the best man and maid (or matron or man) of honor.

Hora A dance at a Jewish wedding where the bride and groom are lifted high on chairs.

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Huppah A flower bedecked canopy that is an essential part of a Jewish wedding.

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