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Elbow Length Veil A shorter veil, often in multiple layers, extending to the elbow.

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Embellishment Adornments sewn onto a bridal gown - may include embroidery, lace, glass or crystal beads, ribbons, bows, sequins, fringes, pearls, and others.

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Embroidery Elaborate designs stitched into the gown by hand or machine; may be beaded.

Empire Silhouette The empire silhouette has a waistline that is located directly under the bust, and a loose skirt that drapes softly to the floor (sheath), or flares away from the body (a-line).

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Empire Waistline The empire waist crosses the body directly under the bust.

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Enclosure Card One of several invitation cards: reception, response, at home, ceremony, informal, thank you. Often identical to or coordinating the invitation, this is usually a folder card with five to six lines of print.

Euro Tie A long necktie with a square bottom, blending the look of an ascot tie with the style of a regular men's necktie.

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Evening Dress Also known as full evening dress or white tie; this is the most formal dress code that exists for civilians today. A lady must wear a formal ball gown.

Extended Cathedral Train The longest, most formal train length, extending 9 feet or more behind the gown, from the back of the waist. (Also known as: "Grand Cathedral Train," "Monarch Train," & "Royal Cathedral Train")

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Extender Sheer netting or veiling that extends the length of the cathedral gown.

Eyelet A small hole edged with embroidered stitches to prevent unraveling.

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