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B2B An acronym for "bride-to-be".

Back-Up Cake A sheet cake of the same flavor as your wedding cake, used to serve guests after the display cake has been served.

Ball Gown Silhouette The ball gown is the most formal silhouette, characterized by a fitted bodice and a very full skirt. The full skirt of a ball gown dramatically flares away from the body, starting almost immediately at the gown’s waistline, and fully extending to the floor.

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Ballerina Length A very full skirt ending just above the ankle, often seen in tulle ball gowns.

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Ballet Veil A tier of veiling that is from 54-56 inches in length. Ballet length veils are sometimes referred to as princess or waltz length.

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Basque Waistline A basque waistline, like an antebellum waistline, dips in the middle two to three inches below the natural waist. A basque bodice begins at the natural waistline on the sides and dips to a point in the front.

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Basting The temporary sewing together of two pieces of fabric to assure perfect pattern matches. Threads are removed once it is time to cut the fabric. Also known as underbasting.

Bateau Neckline A wide, shallow neckline that runs horizontally across the collarbone, from shoulder to shoulder, with equal depth in the front and back. (See also: Boat Neck)

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Batiste A very soft, lightweight, opaque or sheer fabric in a plain weave, often used for linings.

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Battenberg Lace (Battenburg Lace) Large cutout needle lace pattern of delicate floral or geometric designs. Also known as Renaissance Lace and Mezzo Punto.

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Beading or Beadwork The art of attaching beads to one another or to cloth, usually by the use of a needle and thread or soft, flexible wire.

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Bedeken (b'DEKEN) Translating as "veiling," Bedeken is the ceremonial veiling of the bride by the groom in an Orthodox Jewish wedding. Also known as Badeken, B'deken, Badekenish, or Bedekung.

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Bell Sleeve Relatively full in circumference, this sleeve is fitted at the shoulder and flares as it approaches the wrist.

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Bertha Collar A decorative collar, often trimmed with lace, which is attached to the neckline. It ranges in length from nine to 18 inches.

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Besom (be'-zum) An interior pocket with edging or stitching on the pocket lip. Also known as a piped, bound, welt, or "Reece" pocket.

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Best Man The chief, male assistant to the groom at the wedding.

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Bias Cut A sewing cut that runs diagonally to the weave of the fabric, rather than perpendicular.

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Bishop Sleeve A full sleeve set into a normal armhole and gathered on a band at the wrist.

Black Tie Required An event where a tuxedo or dinner jacket is required. No other options are permissible.

Black Tie Invited An event where a tuxedo or dinner jacket is encouraged, but not required. Proper dress other than a tuxedo would be dressy attire, such as a coat and tie.

Black Tie Optional Common for a less formal or non-wedding event. A white dinner jacket, black trousers, and black or colored accessories may be worn as an alternative to the classic black tuxedo.

Blouson A garment with a gathered or fitted waist and fabric drooping in fullness from bodice to waist, often blousing over the waistline.

Blusher Veil A shoulder length layer of veiling used to cover the face before the ceremony. Typically combined with a veil of another length, the blusher is then removed or flipped back.

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BM(S) Acronym for bridesmaid(s).

Boat Neck A wide, shallow neckline that runs horizontally across the collarbone from shoulder to shoulder, with equal depth in the front and back. (See also: Bateau Neckline)

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Bodice The portion of a dress that extends from a gown's neckline to its waistline.

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Bolero Jacket A cropped jacket that remains open in the front.

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Bomboniere Italian for "favors," bombonieres are passed out to wedding guests as a keepsake in appreciation of their attendance.

Boning (Corset Boning) A rigid piece of steel, nylon, or plastic that is inserted into a corset to give it structure.

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Bouffant Slip The fullest of all slips, built with multiple layers of ruffle or tulle. Typically built with a drawstring at the waist, this style gives a slimming effect.

Boutonnière ("BOO-tin-ear") This is a single flower or bud or small group of flowers or buds worn by the males of the wedding party.

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Bow A knot with two loops and loose ends, a bow is a popular addition to bridal and special occasion fashions. Bows are also occasionally used on invitations.

Bow Tie The bow tie is a style of men's neckwear, popularly worn with formal attire, such as tuxedos, suits, or dinner jackets. It consists of a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar in a symmetrical manner, such that the two opposite ends form loops.

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BR Acronym for bride.

Braces The English term for suspenders, available in either button-on or clip-on.

Breaking of the Glass The symbolic smashing of the glass by the Chatan at the conclusion of the ceremony at a Jewish wedding.

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BRG Acronym for bridal gown.

Bridal Bouquet (Bride's Bouquet) The bouquet of flowers carried by the bride during the wedding ceremony; traditionally given to the bride from the groom.

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Bridal Party The bridal party consists of the members of the wedding party from the bride's side. (Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, etc.)

Bridal Procession The entrance of the bride and her attendants in the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the bride enters last escorted by her father.

Bridesmaid A girl or unmarried woman who atttends a bride on her wedding. Historically, the bridesmaids protect the bride by wearing similar clothing to the bride's attire in an attempt confuse any "evil spirit" as to who the bride was.

Brocade A heavier fabric woven with a rich raised design to create a tone-on-tone pattern. Often the pattern is a floral or ribbon design.

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Brush Train A very short train length, the brush train just barely "brushes" the floor.(Also known as a "Sweep Train")

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Bubble Shaped Veil A veil designed in a "bubble" or fountain shape to create a voluminous look.

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Buffet A self-service style meal at a wedding reception. Food and drinks are presented on a long table or series of tables for guests to serve themselves. Typically the most affordable option, however costs can rise as less control over food portions are exercised.

Bun Holder/ Wrap A medium to small circular headpiece that wraps around a bun, which is often decorated with beads or lace.

Burnout A process chemically treating fabric to create a distinctive pattern produces burnout fabrics.

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Bust Measurement The tape should be at the fullest part of the breast, which is typically at the nipple line. This measurement should be taken by someone else to allow the bride or bridesmaids' arms to be relaxed at their sides.

Bustier A form-fitting article of clothing which supports the breasts to create cleavage.

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Bustle The pulling up and fastening of fabric at the back of a dress to shorten the skirt or train. A longer train of a wedding dress may be bustled with multiple tiers.

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Buttercream Icing This classic icing is made of butter, confectioner's sugar, and milk that can be colored or flavored. Used for decoration or filling on of wedding cakes, buttercream icing is soft and creamy making it versatile in texture.

Butterfly Sleeve Similar to a bell sleeve, the butterfly sleeve starts at the shoulder and gets wider toward the end of the sleeve. The butterfly sleeve connects to the garment across the front and back and is usually no more than four or five inches long.

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