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Acetate Fabric Acetate is a thin, synthetic fabric with the luxurious look of silk.

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Alencon Lace A fine needlepoint lace fabric, made of linen or cotton thread; featuring corded designs on a sheer net background, and often embellished with beading, sequins or pearls.

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A-Line Silhouette The A-Line dress is a universally figure-flattering silhouette, featuring a fitted bodice and a hip-skimming skirt that gradually flares out from the body, starting right below the natural waist, forming an "A" shape, as it reaches the ground. (May also be referred to as the "Princess Silhouette")

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Anniversary Cake A small cake to be enjoyed on the anniversary of a wedding.

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Antebellum Waistline A waistline style, featuring a bodice that dips two to three inches below the natural waist, meeting at a point, front and center, forming a v-shape. (See also: Basque Waistline)

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Appliqué A piece of decorative fabric design or lace cutout applied to another fabric such as a dress, veil or shoes.

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Ascot Tie A wide, formal tie, worn folded over, and fastened with a stickpin or tie tack.

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Asymmetrical An irregular or unbalanced design element that creates visual interest, e.g. – gathering of fabric on one side, a high-low hemline, a one shoulder neckline, etc.

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Aufruf (OYF-roof) A communal acknowledgment of the upcoming wedding, Aufruf is the Jewish custom of a groom being called up to the Torah for an aliyah.

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