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Crumb Catcher

What is the Crumb Catcher Neckline?

The crumb catcher is a strapless neckline, featuring pleats, gathering, or ruffling, similar to that of a hand-held folding fan. Unlike the traditional strapless neckline, the crumb catcher does not lay closely against the bust, but instead, stands up and away from the body.

The crumb catcher neckline is typically constructed from stiffer, sturdier fabrics, which allow the crumb catcher to stand up and slightly away from the body (but don't worry, designers make sure that no one will see your goodies, by incorporating a hidden panel of fabric under the crumb catcher, covering the chest, as a close-fitting strapless neckline would).

The Crumb Catcher Wedding Dress

Allure Bridal Gown 2415 is an excellent example of the crumb catcher neckline:
crumb catcher wedding dress
Allure Bridal Gown 2415

Benefits of the Crumb Catcher Neckline:

The crumb catcher neckline is stylish, and hides a whole list of figure "flaws" (and who doesn't love that?!).

  • The crumb catcher neckline is a great style for those with a small bust, providing a little extra "oomph," and giving the illusion of a larger bust
  • For those of us with, umm, how do I put this delicately… fat armpits (the bane of my existence!), the crumb catcher neckline can be the perfect solution for hiding that awful area! – A dream come true
  • The crumb catcher puts a fabulous, fashion-forward spin on the good ol' strapless neckline – turning it into a real fashion statement!

Things to Consider:

  • The name "Crumb Catcher" may induce giggles… so maybe we should just keep the name of this style a secret. (If you don't tell, we won't tell – a small sacrifice to make, for all the fashionable benefits received from this style!)

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