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Acetate Fabric

Acetate is a thin, synthetic fabric with the luxurious look of silk. It is often referred to as acetate satin fabric or bridal satin. 

The History of Acetate Fabric

Acetate cloth was developed by Swiss brothers, Dr. Camille and Henry Dreyfus, in 1905. However, acetate fabric was not available for commercial use until 1919, due to World War I. 

Acetate satin fabric is thin and silky, and resists shrinking and stretching. Furthermore, acetate cloth resists mold and mildew, because it withstands moisture absorption and dries easily. Generally, acetate fabrics will need to be dry cleaned for their care. It is highly recommended to keep acetate fabrics away from perfumes, nail polish removers, alcohol based deodorants, and other organic solvents. These liquids will create stains which are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remove.  

Where is Acetate used?

Acetate fabrics have great breathability; therefore, using acetate lining is ideal for bridal gowns and bridal party dresses. Acetate lining, otherwise known as taffeta lining, is very soft and conforms to the body, resulting in very comfortable apparel. In fact, clothes made from acetate fabric are far more comfortable than similar garments made of polyester fabric. Often, cellulose acetate is used for bridal gowns, not only because of its softness, but also because of its shiny, silky appearance. In addition, the slippery texture of acetate fabric allows the dress to drape effortlessly, creating a polished, sensual appearance. 

Besides using acetate lining, acetate bridal satin is a popular choice for bridal gowns and bridal party dresses. Acetate bridal satin is a specific form of cellulose acetate, which has a smooth, lustrous face with a matte backing.
ADK Bridal Gown AK45 and Alyce Designs Mother of the Bride Dresses 29361 are great examples of the regal look of acetate fabric:
Beautiful Acetate Fabric Wedding GownMother of the Bride Dresses

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