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Submit Attendant's Gown Order

PLEASE READ ALL STEPS BEFORE BEGINNING  (We promise it's quicker than it looks)
With your Bust, Waist and Hip measurements and the event and dress information provided by the Bride and Groom ready, follow the instructions below.
Step 1: Use this link to open a new window, in the search bar enter the designer and style number of your dress and click search button. Select the correct dress from the selection shown.
Step 2: Once on the product page, click the "Size Chart" link below the Size drop down to open the chart that corresponds to your dress.
Step 3: Using your measurements, find the size that corresponds. If you measure for multiple sizes we suggest going with the largest and having the dress altered down as needed. 
Step 4: Once you have found your size return to this form. DO NOT put the dress into the shopping bag. 
Step 5: Fill in the Wedding Information and your Attendant Information on the form below.
Step 6: Using the information given to you by the Bride and Groom and based on the size chart, fill in the Gown Information section. Here you may also choose to have your dress shipped individually to your address rather than to the address chosen by the Bride with the rest of the bridesmaid dresses.  
Step 7: Fill in your payment information. Please note $9.95 per dress will be added to your order for shipping from the manufacturer to WSI
Step 8: Accept the terms and conditions and click submit.

To ensure an accurate fit, please be measured by a professional. If multiple attendants are ordering the same dress, the order will be placed with the designer once all sizes are submitted. When your order arrives at The Wedding Shoppe, all dresses will be shipped to the bride unless you have selected direct shipping to your address (at an extra charge). If the prices given on the form are not accurate we will contact you with the correct total. 
Wedding Information
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Attendant Information
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Gown Information
 * $ Please call if a price is not listed online.
 *    There may be additional charges for dress sizes 18+. Please see size chart or contact us for details
 *   $15 charge for extra length
Ship Gown to address above NoYes   $20 charge / Gown shipped UPS, FedEx, Spee-Dee and USPS

Payment Information
If the merchandise has already been paid for, you credit card will not be charged.
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