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Real wedding stories mean real wedding inspiration! 

If you’re searching for real wedding experts, look no further than our Wedding Shoppe newlyweds! Because we believe our customers provide some of the best wedding advice, we always invite them to share their wedding stories on our website. Whether you’re trying to complete items on your wedding planning checklist, or just need a little inspiration, browse Wedding Shoppe reviews and stories from our newlyweds. Join the conversation by posting comments, asking questions, or submitting your own memories! All you need to do is log in to your account, click My Story, and fill out the provided form. Enjoy wedding photos, explore vendors, and learn from brides and grooms just like you. 

Real wedding stories will help you complete your wedding planning checklist. 

Whether you’re in need of wedding photo ideas, great vendors, or just inspiration, we believe these real wedding stories can help! It seems like the wedding planning checklist only gets longer as the big day approaches. Learning from couples who went through the planning process can be a huge help. These wedding stories will guide you through your wedding planning, and may even inspire you along the way.

Submit your own Wedding Shoppe reviews and stories!

For over 35 years, the Wedding Shoppe has been making wedding dreams come true. We’re proud to be a part of your celebration, so seeing your photos and reading your wedding stories is icing on the (wedding) cake. If you love reading these Wedding Shoppe reviews and stories as much as we do, send us your own! We are always striving to provide a wonderful experience for our customers, and the best way to do this is to learn from you. To submit your story, simply log in to your account, click ‘My Story’, and share your memories. We love to see photos from your big day, so don’t forget to share those as well!  

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