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Ivy Lane Unity Candle A01235PC / Chantilly Lace Collection


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Ivy Lane Unity Candle A01235PC / Chantilly Lace Collection:

The best way to declare your love is with a unity candle and Ivy Lane A01235PC is definitely a great choice for you and your ceremony. You will love the way this item will add to the beauty of the event.

There can be no greater statement of love and devotion than with a unity candle. Ivy Lane A01235PC has a simple elegance and beauty that is simply amazing. Features of this delightful style include Chantilly lace fabric wrapped around the candle with a satin ribbon over the lace. The best part is your ability to order the ribbon in a variety of colors. The dimensions of this item are nine inches high and three inches in diameter.

Highlights of this beautiful unity candle include:

  • Nine inches high and 3 inches in diameter 
  • Chantilly lace wrapped around the candle 
  • A satin ribbon covers the lace 
  • Ribbon is available in a variety of color choices 

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Ivy Lane A01235PC has a special beauty and charm that you will adore. This item, when combined with other lace items, will make the ceremony much more memorable. You can order this style today at the Wedding Shoppe.

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