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Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Fashion Tape Tin / 101

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Fashion Tape Tin / 101:

This season's latest products from Hollywood Fashion Tape are now available online at Wedding Shoppe Inc. Find all of your wedding day accessories today!  
Hollywood Fashion Tape is easy-to-use, clear double-stick, “do everything” apparel and body tape! Hollywood Fashion Tape's specially formulated adhesive is gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on fabrics. The clear tape doesn’t cover up the skin’s natural color and is more discreet and fabric-friendly than safety pins.
How does it work? You get 36 pre-cut, 3-inch disposable strips (3” x 1/2" actual size) in each box. Each strip of tape contains a removable backing on each side. You simply peel the backing from one side of the tape, press the tape firmly to your skin or fabric, remove the other backing, and apply the item to be secured. It’s as easy as peel, stick and go!
From the ceremony to the pictures to the last dance of the evening - the wedding party will stay "photo op" perfect with Hollywood Fashion Tape Accessories. These handy wedding day accessories will solve any pesky wardrobe malfunctions, so all you'll need to do is say "I DO!"  

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