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Kennedy Blue: Designed with You in Mind

Kennedy Blue

We created Kennedy Blue to change the wedding industry—and it has. Our customers were sick of wasting their money on low-quality, outdated gowns. Plus, shopping was suddenly all stress and no fun! 

Brides were asking for an easy and fun shopping experience, and quality, on-trend dresses their friends would love, so we thought: Why not design them ourselves? 

Since then, over 30,000 bridesmaids have worn Kennedy Blue! What makes this line unique? 

It’s simple: 

1. Home Try-On 

2. Designed with You in Mind 

3. American Sizing

4. Exclusivity  

4 Reasons to Choose Kennedy Blue:

1. Home Try-On 

Confusing sizing, busy schedules, unreliable colors, and one big headache. Since when did shopping for bridesmaid dresses become so stressful? 

Shouldn’t it be easy and—dare we say it—fun?! Yes! That’s why Kennedy Blue created the At Home Try-On program. Now you can try on bridesmaid dresses at home for three days—without the drama. Learn more >>

How it works:

1. Find

Find: Browse the home try-on collection to see which styles catch your eye.

2. Try

Try: We'll deliver up to 3 samples right to your door to try for 3 days for just $10 each!

3. Buy

Buy: When you’ve picked your favorites, enjoy 10% OFF your Kennedy Blue order!

2. Designed with You in Mind 

We’ve been a part of over 200,000 weddings, which means we’ve worked with quite a few brides and bridesmaids. Our customers were asking for quality, on-trend attire that fit their budget, so we thought: Why not design them ourselves? 

Kennedy Blue is designed by you, the customer! We listen to your feedback, follow the latest trends, and create unique lines of affordable bridesmaid dresses. Flattering silhouettes, breathable fabric, romantic lace, unique backs, on-trend colors, and styles that are easy to mix and match—you’ll find them all in this one-of-a-kind line. 

3. American Sizing 

Since when did choosing a size become so confusing? Wedding attire sizing is always much larger than what you’re used to, so it can be daunting to order online. What if you get it and the fit is way off? Suddenly the price doubles due to excessive alterations! Plus, who wants to be told they’re two sizes larger than they actually are?

Kennedy Blue uses American sizing, which means if you’re an 8 in everyday wear, you’re likely an 8 in one of our bridesmaid dresses. Alterations are almost always necessary, but they shouldn’t cost the same as the gown. With our easy-to-follow size charts and measurement guide, you’ll be one step closer to a stunning fit. 

4. Exclusivity 

Kennedy Blue only sells their products in three places:, this website, and at the Wedding Shoppe’s original store in Saint Paul, Minnesota. With this designer, there’s no need to worry about low-quality knock-offs. Order from one of these three places, and you’re guaranteed a genuine Kennedy Blue design.