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Wedding Dresses for Second Marriage: Styles You’ll Love

by Wedding Shoppe Blogger: Laura Livingood June 5, 2012 @ 2:30 pm

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“What in the world do I wear for my second wedding or a vow renewal?” It’s a common question. If you were to search for proper vow renewal etiquette, you would find a ton of suggestions on what to wear, many of which just won’t make you feel confident or beautiful on Your Special Day (Part Deux).

What should a vow renewal dress look like?

According to vow renewal etiquette, you should never wear white again; in fact, your day shouldn’t resemble a wedding at all. Now, where’s the fun in that? Vow renewals are about you and your spouse re-affirming your love and dedication to each other, and celebrating it with your friends and family. It’s essentially a big party to say “Huzzah!” to your awesome love for one another. You should feel beautiful, confident, and special on this day.

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When searching for the perfect vow renewal dress, consider what you wore for your original wedding. Did you wear your dream dress? Do you wish you had done something a little more out-of-the-box? Do you wish you had found that sweet, poofy, 40’s or 50’s inspired dress instead? Your vow renewal dress should be fun, sassy, or sophisticated: whatever reflects you! Also, don’t be afraid to look for dresses other than bridal gowns. Mother of the bride, bridesmaid dresses, or even one of our stylish Kennedy Blue dresses could be your perfect vow renewal dress.

Encore by Watters Palm Encore by Watters Hawthorne

Here are some of our favorite vow renewal dress styles:

Wedding dresses for second marriage ceremonies:

We’ve covered some great ideas for the perfect vow renewal dress, but what about finding wedding dresses for second marriage ceremonies? According to etiquette, you should also never wear white, but with the increase of second weddings, this school of thought has started to fade away. Have you thought about looking for informal second wedding dresses? Maybe you did the traditional gown the first time around, and it’s time for a garden or beach wedding. There are some great informal second wedding dresses that will flatter you and reflect your sophisticated style.

Here are a few of our favorite wedding dresses for second weddings:

Whatever you choose to wear  for your vow renewal or second wedding, make sure that you feel beautiful, comfortable, and dressed in what makes you happy.

Have any great tips? Leave us a comment!!

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