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Celebrate Earth Day with Wear Again Bridesmaid Dresses from Kennedy Blue!

by Wedding Shoppe Blogger: Meghan Ziegel April 22, 2013 @ 8:36 am

Kennedy Blue

Here at the Shoppe, we can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate Earth Day than by giving your best friends a bridesmaid dress they can reuse and recycle. No, I don’t mean dresses made out of bubble wrap; I’m talking about Kennedy Blue wear again bridesmaid dresses!

wear again bridesmaid dresses

Re-purposed Kennedy Blue Dresses:(from left to right) Chloe, Hannah, Sydney, & Anna

(Note: These dresses are in the old colors. Check out the new colors available on our product pages!)

Our wear again bridesmaid dresses look great with a jacket or sweater.

Depending on the look you’re going for, a jacket or sweater is an easy method for re-purposing a bridesmaid dress. For work, add a suit jacket or a nice cardigan to make your gown business or business-casual. If you’re looking for a more casual appearance, try a jean jacket, sweater, or scarf. Using existing garments in your closet, it’s easy to tie a formal dress into your everyday style!

Use a simple shirt to show off a Kennedy Blue skirt.

A different option for re-purposing your dress is to cover the top with a shirt and just show off the skirt. This is a great way to tone down a really formal gown or make a revealing neckline modest and work-appropriate. A good place to start when looking for the right shirt is to choose a neutral color for a bold dress and an accent color for a neutral dress.  The best outfits are all about balance! If you don’t have anything in your closet that’s just right, consider borrowing a top from a friend, sister, or even your boyfriend—sharing is another great way to celebrate Earth Day!

Kennedy Blue restyled Kennedy Blue restyled

Use colorful accents to make a Kennedy Blue evening dress day appropriate.

Many of our wear again bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a night on the town, but can present a little more of a challenge as day-wear. Luckily, appropriating a cocktail dress for daytime can be as simple as adding colorful accents. If your gown is a neutral color, choose a bold accent color and accessorize! Adding a vibrant belt, purse, shoes, and jewelry are surprisingly simple ways to transform a night-out look into an anytime look. Bonus: You can quickly change out of the accents for a more formal happy hour with the girls!

Hope you enjoyed our take on how to use your wedding to celebrate Earth Day! Share your ideas about how to best reuse a Kennedy Blue dress by commenting below!


Celebrate Earth Day by choosing wear again bridesmaid dresses for your wedding!

“Using existing garments in your closet, it’s easy to tie a formal dress into your everyday style!”

“The best outfits are all about balance!” Learn how to re-style bridesmaid dresses on My Wedding Chat:

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